Thursday, November 07, 2002

It's official. I have completely lost total sanity.

Tonight it is going to be a whopping 32 degrees here in NYC. What am I going to be doing tonight??? Rugby practice. In the cold. I could be home watching Survivor or Friends or who knows what else but no...I am going to go out into the freezing cold in my very thin mesh pants (they are thinly lined as well) and run with a ball and try not to get killed tonight. I am going to freeze my ass off. And somehow, I don't know how, but somehow I am going to manage to get home and get up tomorrow morning and go to work all and pray that somewhere in the middle I don't die from hypothermia or dementia or both.

Oh and did I mention that I will be changing clothes at the field. In the wind. And the cold. And the wind. And the cold. Yes, it's official, I am nuts.

Warm bed or rugby? You would think this would be an easy decision and it is...but not in the way you would think. Rugby it is tonight. Maybe somewhere in the middle of all of this I will gain some sense and grab the first bus I see leaving to go back to Manhattan.
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