Wednesday, September 17, 2003

This came from my friend AJ who did my "birthday stars" for me....and it's rather interesting to say the least....of course this may change should she choose to do a version based directly on my time and location of birth.

Happy Solar Return, Brian!
You have Cancer Rising this year, as in your natal chart, so you'll be as Crabby as ever. However, your Moon is in Gemini, instead of your natal Libra, so you'll still be Airily light on your toes, but less relationship-obsessed. With the Gem Moon in your 11th house of friends, I see f*ck buddies--yes, that's plural. Gem's always feel at least two ways abt everything. ;-P With Neptune, Uranus, and Mars in your 8th house of others' money and sexual obsessions, I expect you to get extremely freaky with a major fantasy element in the bedroom. The big bummer is that the SR Asc is at 17 degrees Cancer--right where your natal Saturn is. So, not only will you have your Saturn Return this year, which ought to be enough to make you reassess and become more serious, but your Solar Return chart suggests this newly responsible, sober, disciplined influence will be a transformation in your entire self.

Jupiter in Virgo is transiting your natal 3rd house, and is in the 3rd house of your SR chart, so writing and other forms of communication could bring you profit and/or mental stimulation. Third rules siblings, too, so they might bring you some luck. Like me, you have Jup in Pisces `in the 9th (Jup's home) in your natal chart--explain to me again why we haven't done "The Amazing Race" together?--so Mars will visit it in November, giving you extra enery for travel and higher learning. Do you need any certificate courses, to take a GMAT or something, or a crash foreign-language course? Nov would be a good time. Jup will transit opp your natal Jup in October, which is supposed to bring unexpected pleasant surprises. For some ideas on how to handle a Saturn Return, you can look to some other 1974 babies:

-Posh Spice is leaving gloomy England for sunny Spain when Becks goes to Madrid Real, and seems ready to make another go for single stardom and American fame.

-Jewel decided to "just cash in" and enjoy the micromini trend; big bangs of youth before she turns 30.

-Alanis finally cut that damned carpet of hair and seems more comfortable with the idea that she can look sexy and still be a Serious Artist.
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