Monday, September 15, 2003

Because I haven't done one in a while it's time for....

Monday Meltdown

Just to be like are my results....hmmm...considering how evil I can be this doesn't surprise me...


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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But I took it a second time trying to be more honest and it gave me the following....


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not sure how I feel about that result though...

They are casting a fifth season of The Amazing Race. Who wants to be my partner...

And why don't we have this on our rugby team? I mean the new guys carrying our bags and water and such....not the sex part. I'm sure plenty of that goes on already. But seriously...if they think this is a first something tells me it's not....

I'm loaded.
It's official.
I'm the 53,957,565 richest person on earth!

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So we had our first rugby match of the fall season this weekend. Overall, I have no complaints except for the fact that we weren't doing contested scrums and no one told me this until we got into the first scrum and I had our front line blowing over the ball. Granted we did lose, but we showed major improvement over last year and I think our opposition was impressed with our play as well. For the new guys that played their first match this weekend, they really played well and with heart. Now we just gotta teach them how to kick under pressure and we will be fine.

For the sex this weekend. Kik'e was out of town (and will be this weekend) and a rather flirty reader is too far away to do anything about it...

Venus and Serena's sister was shot and they are questioning if there was a drug or gang connection. Hmmm, I bet their father is ready to call the police efforts on that end racist (even though they have, from what I have read, proven that the attack was gang related even though their sister wasn't in a gang...or something like that....)

Went to the podiatrist today to get my feet checked out for orthotics...well...turns out I may need surgery on them if the orthotics don't work out. The bad part -- orthotics are not covered by my insurance and will run about $400+. The even worse part -- surgery is fully covered if deemed medically necessary. The worst part of all -- my doctor still wants to do orthotics first which means I have to shell out some major cash for my feet.

Plethora. Just because I like how it sounds.

And finally....the whole Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rumors. I know you may have read on MSNBC or E! Online or who knows where that I was involved in their relationship breaking up because Ben finally had to be true to himself and to his fans and most of all to me. Well, you are reading it here first when I tell you the truth about those rumors....Jen left Ben....for Gwyneth. I mean Hollywood is pretty much just one big pit of incest. Instead of playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by using his movies they should do with who slept with whom...that would be far more interesting and probably not take the full six degrees.
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