Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Okay more blogging time here....woo hoo ain't this fun... :)

Actually this week has just been so friggin' hectic. I swear today alone I've taken about 20 emails in regards to rugby related things ranging from fundraising to social events to everything in between. I swear I think I'm banging myself on the head each and every time and it's just pretty funny. With fundraising I can be creativity and wild in some of my ideas but I also have to be practical so when some guys approached me about doing a calendar as a fundraiser, I suggested we hold off to make it a 2005 calendar since doing one for 2004 would be about near impossible. So we're looking into some options there.

Then there's the first match next week which coincides with our second annual Ruggerthon (pushed back by my request) and that box off to the side and sponsor me please.... :) Please...just a few dollars can make all the difference... :)

And while it's on my mind can I just say that I don't like the George Bush action figure. They're making our president into the hero that he's not. Frankly he hasn't given me anything to be proud of as of yet.
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