Monday, September 29, 2003

I have a date Wednesday night.

And it's not with Kik'e.

Now before you get your panties in a twist and wonder what happened between me and Kik'e the answer is nothing has happened and things are totally copacetic. We are still dating (or at least I call it dating) but we haven't solidified anything or declared ourselves as exclusively dating each other. (Nor have we had sex yet but that's another story altogether.) Kik'e and I have had about four or five dates so far and they've been spaced out to be every couple of weeks. We do talk on the phone quite regularly and email each other often so it's not like we're totally out of touch with each other. However, until he states that he wants to take it farther along then there's nothing I can really do. He knows I like him but he also wants to take it slow so I have to play by his rules.

Then there's this new guy -- Chad. The main thing that could give me problems with Chad is that he is six years younger than me and I have never dated a man that was significantly younger than me. On his actor's bio (yes, he's an actor), he says he can play ages 18-25. I already feel like I'm robbing the cradle as it is...on the plus side though, he's slightly taller than me and about the same weight...and he's pretty damn cute too.

We're planning on going to a screening of The Event -- a movie certain to make me cry and have him run screaming away from me as if I had a bad outbreak of the mumps. Of course there will be dinner as well so at least my eyes won't be as puffy under dim lights should I take him to McHales.

So we shall see what happens. He's a nice guy (must refrain from calling him a kid) and I don't know where it will go but's a date so no complaints from me.
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