Wednesday, September 17, 2003

So yes, today is my 29th birthday and the little countdown ticker above is marking time until I turn the big 3-0. Now I know some of you are wondering why it says 365 days instead of 364 but even I had to remind myself that next year is a leap year and, therefore, there are 366 days next year. Now, everyone be a good reader and scroll down to my wishlist and buy me something nice.

Plans for tonight: Going to the San Gennaro Festival with some guys from the rugby team to carouse and have some fun while cute Guidos in their wife beaters sling their Italian sausage. (Have I used that line already?)

Now, as the new title of the blog says, it's the Farewell to my Twenties International Tour with destinations to at least London and Toronto on the map and possibly Italy as well. Who knows, if I get cast on the next edition of the Amazing Race it could be a truly major international affair. Of course I still need a partner for that one...

Anyway...I'm getting really drunk tonight and who knows what else will happen....gotta start the farewell tour off right ya know!
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