Thursday, September 25, 2003

Although I am pleased with the outcome I can't understand the justifications behind why they decided as they did.

Lack of adequate council...okay I buy that.

Not being caught in the act...okay...sure...if they want to believe that under some interpretations of Shariah a baby can gestate for FIVE YEARS then sure...medically I doubt it's possible but okay...

Not given enough time to understand the charges against her? WHAT?

Only one judge instead of three at the first trial? WHAT? If that was the case then why was her first appeal denied?

The man who got her pregnant just said he didn't do it and got off...although DNA testing would prove it of course...

Sigh...I mean...if all of this was the case at her first appeal then why did we have to go through so much to get to this point? Nothing changed...but voila! She's now free to go.

I'm happy she will live and the baby will have a mother (even if she may be an outcast in her village) but I just don't get the rationale used...

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