Wednesday, October 13, 2004

More Reality TV and Me

Remember when I admitted I almost made it on a reality TV show on FOX?

Well I saw the commercial for the show and it made me breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

Have you seen the commercials for My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss? Yes, folks, if you can believe it, that was the show that I almost made it on. Oddly enough, one of the guys on the rugby team works for Fox and when I mentioned how far along I had made it in the process he was aghast. (And yes, aghast, while a dramatic word is also very apt for his reaction.)

When I started going over the entire process I went through with him, he was just nodding his head as if to say, "Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about." He said what most likely did me in was the fact that I write (wrote?) for a reality TV website and that when they do the background checks on people they do "Google" people to see what they have online if anything. If anything did me in, it was that.

It does kinda make me laugh though because from the commercial I saw there is no way in hell that I would have bought that as a legitimate show/premise/whatever. I would have been like that chick on the second Joe Schmo Show who saw through the entire facade because there is only so much that you can get away with before people really start to wonder what the hell is going on. So, instead of thinking that I didn't get on the show because of my reality TV connections, I'm just gonna say I didn't get on the show because I was just too damn smart...
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