Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Strokin' of another kind

Last night after rugby practice I was on the subway heading home with one of the guys on the team and we got to talking about the team and how we have raised funds this year. Of course, I brought up our near legendary bachelor auction and made the comment that he was going to be in it next year.

After hearing his pleas that he wouldn't go for anything (something I've heard two years in a row and shoot down each time), I shot back with, "Hey, $100 is a $100. Hey, I went for $350 this year."

"And you were underpriced," he said.

It was just one of those moments after the really shitty day I had where my ego was stroked just enough that it actually changed how I perceived my day -- not as shitty as before and ending on a rather nice note.

Underpriced. I can live with that...

P.S. If such person that I rode with last night happens to be reading this since I did give you the URL...well...Hi!!! And now I blush...and of course you had better tell me if you read this... :)
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