Monday, October 11, 2004


I've slept for most of yesterday and today. I guess I'm trying to make up for all that I missed the past week.

Didn't spend time with either SkiGuy (heading off to DC to spend time with family) or SuitMan (spending time with his father before he headed back to Colombia) which was actually kinda nice. SuitMan and I did have a nice talk on Sunday and we're going to try to get together this coming week and do something. Not really sure where it's heading with either guy but we shall see...

This weekend I played in the B side match against Lansdowne. I definitely didn't think I played as well or as intense as I did against Suffolk the week before but I did get named the Man of the Match for the forwards which I equated to being one big "hot box of crazy." There's one match left and that's against Hudson Valley and will determine where we play in the playoff rounds the following week. We're either going to be fourth or fifth which means if we're placed fourth we're heading off to Montauk again (most likely). If we finish fifth then we're most likely hosting Suffolk which of course would be a lot of fun.

Nothing new. Kinda uninspired. We'll talk later.
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