Monday, October 25, 2004

Beware of the Lemon

Ahh....the weekend. Not enough sleep and way too much fun.

Saturday is, of course, a rugby day (at least until the middle of November) and this one was no exception as we took on the Bull Moose RFC one more time this year in the play off rounds. Granted we weren't in the semifinal rounds where we wanted to be, but we we came out hard and played great with a quick early score and took at 23-17 win (despite the original score being quoted as 23-12 it was in fact 23-17...I think the ref missed a try).

The drink up was its normal rowdy event as it normally is with the Bull Moose. Of their guys they have nicknamed Caesar (and is a nice specimen of the male species I can assure you) made a crack at how he passed by our team's bus after our first match with them earlier this year and no one pretty much paid him any attention (probably because we were so drunk). Of course you have to remember that this is the guy where when we first played them was opposite me in the scrum. I was so freakin' smitten that when he smiled at me right before the ref called engage that I lost concentration for a second and barely got my head in the right position. He shouldn't worry though...we showed him plenty of love this past Saturday. :)

At the last drink up and again with this one, the dreaded lemon made its appearance. If a lemon (or with some teams, a golf ball) gets deposited in your beer you have to chug the entire cup. If you try to put the lemon in someone's beer and miss then you have to chug the entire cup. It's one of those games that starts off fun and then gets annoying kinda quickly. There is a certain amount of stealth involved in the game too as most people spend the drink up with their hand over the mouth of their cup to prevent such an action. To show how dastardly of a plot it can be, one person actually put the lemon in the pitcher of beer that someone was holding and he had to drink the two-thirds full pitcher.

Since I don't really drink beer (very rarely), my participation in this game is minimal because if you're going to put a lemon in my Diet Coke then it's really not worth it. Well, I got the lemon because I had a dead on bead on someone's unprotected cup of beer. I was doing the patented "reach around" move when his arm brushed mine and the lemon missed his cup by about a quarter of an inch.

I had to chug.

And then I felt ill. Violently ill. Thankfully it passed quickly otherwise it could have been very bad. And it also proved why I would never be a good boat race participant.

The only other person who had to chug a large quantity all at once was Dennis who was doing his infamous "Duck Song" and screwed up the lyrics. With cries of "Shoot the boot" going on people were clammoring for him to be handed someone's boot (aka rugby cleat) to drink none were forthcoming, I pulled off my size 13 (and no I'm not lying when I say that) workman's boot and handed it to the beer master who poured him one smelly drink and we sat there and watched as he tried in vain to drink it all down. He didn't get it all and my boot still smells like beer but it was one of those moments where size really did matter and I was glad I could help out...

This work job is never done...
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