Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debating the debates

"So...what did you think about the debates last night?"

That's what I heard this morning and last Friday following the first two debates of this campaign season. My answer: I didn't watch them. I had rugby practice. And, to be honest, even if I was home, I don't know if I would watch them.

I know how I'm voting. I've known for quite some time. I don't need to watch the debates as it's not going to change my mind. Would I watch the next one just so I can see Bush fumble some more and look like he's constipated? Absolutely. I swear, the clips I saw of the first debate made it look like George Bush was trying to push out the biggest load of shit from his ass and instead we saw it coming out of his mouth instead.

Town hall debates are fun though. I might watch this next one since you never know when some commie liberal pinkos will claim to be undecided and sneak in so they can slam Dubya with a question he can't answer...
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