Monday, April 26, 2004

The bachelor auction was a bit success raising about $16,000 for the team and charity. I personally went for $350 (thanks Daddy Guy!) but we had three guys break into four digits which made me VERY happy indeed.

Alan Cumming was a fabulous host and Flotilla, despite getting stuck in traffic and arriving nearly 2 hours late, turned on the charm and the sass and pulled out all the stops and stripping down a few of the players as well. Carson Kressley (yes, Queer Eye's Carson) jumped up on stage at one point during an auction where he was involved and got the crowd to pretty much double its bid within a few minutes.

My biggest disappointment came when seeming the audience wasn't interested in a guy they would pretty much just start talking to each other and it was hard to get their attention and get bids so a few guys went for much less than they probably should have which was kinda sad and hopefully not too ego deflating. Hmm...I would like to think it's because everyone was standing and getting a little ancy unlike last year when there were chairs and tables to sit at and it was a bit more civilized...ah well...lesson learned for next year....oy vey...did I just say NEXT year??? What am I thinking...

Anyway, I was decked out in my kilt and Doc Martens and I must say that putting the graphite insoles in them helped make a major difference feet and back were definitely much better than when I normally wear them.

It's interesting to note that two women won men at the auction and one straight guy (yes, a straight guy) won the personal training sessions.

But $16,000....damn....just unbelievable....even to me!
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