Monday, November 10, 2003

There's a reason why I like reading Michael Peck's Watercooler column on This is one of those moments (with no rights or ownership implied):

Now, not to minimize the trauma this poor girl and her family suffered; their ordeal was terrible and I was relieved along with everyone else when she was found alive. But after reading accounts of the kidnapping and watching this, I've got questions. Shortly after their daughter's return, Ed and Lois turned around and shielded her from further potentially damaging media exposure by... selling the rights to their story to CBS and writing a book about it. And her uncle's own tome is coming as well.

"Why don't they want me?" Elizabeth asked after producers didn't choose her to play herself in the movie. Hey, she's the victim of an awful crime — and just a kid besides. What's the adults' excuse?

Okay...the fact that Elizabeth wanted to play herself in the movie...well 1) that was just creepy that she wanted to do it, 2) producers actually let her audition, and 3) her PARENTS actually let her audition. I haven't been that creeped out about casting possibilities since it was announced the Joan and Melissa Rivers would play themselves in their life stories. That was just wrong.

No there was something even was the year that Miss America DURING HER REIGN did a made-for-TV movie about her relationship with an abusive football player. I thought that was in pretty bad taste because...well...wasn't she supposed to be cuddling crack babies or kissing homeless men instead of starring in a film?

And...while I'm at it...I haven't decided whether or not to explain my phone call posts yet. We'll see.

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