Monday, November 03, 2003

Okay the details behind today's Quote of the Day....

At the Halloween party I went to this weekend, the two men I am currently seeing (Kik'e and Chad) were both in attendance. Now I knew this was happening in advance so I was planning to have to deal with the fact that both of them would be there and, most likely, meet and they would learn that I had been dating both of them. Now, since I hadn't formalized anything serious with either one of them then it wasn't that big of a matter to me. A bit stressful perhaps, but nothing too insane for me to deal with.

So that night they met.

And I learned that they knew each other outside of me.

I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole.

Now, I went over to Crash and told him of this new wrinkle which he found funny. However, he had already met Chad earlier that evening when Chad went to go get some hard liquor and was quite impressed with him physically. I gave Crash the go ahead to explore and take it as it comes. The reason I did this was basically because if I had to choose between the two, it would be Kik'e over Chad since Kik'e is more settled, older, and a bit more mature and Chad is planning a move to California next year so why get emotionally involved there.

So, later that night, Chad asks me if I'm dating Kik'e. I have no idea what conversation has taken place between the two but I do admit that he and I have been on a few dates. I don't know how he took this but I do know that sometime during that evening he orally serviced someone (he said he knew them and I think I know who it was and if it's who I think it was then OH DEAH GOTT!) and as I was leaving, he was in, he was in the sling room (yes, there was a sling present at the party) and was about to have another go around with someone else. Now mind you, he was standing in the room with the guy and it was pretty clear what was going on as I was changing out of my outfit. Personally, I really did care since, as I've said before, we're not in a serious relationship.

Now, sometime during the evening, I asked Crash if he had approached Chad and this is when he gave me today's quote. Chad, he's a really nice guy (resisting the urge to use the word "kid") but Crash notes that Chad talks quite a bit and very fast. This wasn't exactly a high turn on for Crash who then noted that Kik'e was indeed a better match for me. As for Kik'e I spent the majority of my time with him at the party (although I didn't ignore Chad either). Chad did make some comment about me looking sad when Kik'e had to go since he was working all weekend long. I don't think it was because I was sad as much I was just flat out exhausted from the entire week.

So that's the story as much as I remember it...Crash, or others, please feel free to chime in as needed. I'm off to lunch.
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