Saturday, September 21, 2002

Well I was at Blogger Bash 3 last night for quite some time. I got to see the illustrious Caryn Solly again (now with red hair instead of the blonde highlighted tresses that I saw at an earlier Blogger meeting. Also in attendance was the absolutely adorable Edie Singleton (who should be the apple of many a man's eye.

When I first got there I wasn't really sure where the group was because I didn't see the requisite nametags, so after some wandering, I found Paul Frankenstein, Ravenwolf, and Nick Marsala (who I overheard someone say was pretty damn cute) and we were quickly followed by Max Jacobs and Phil Murphy. When the rest of Max's group arrived, it was decided that we needed to move to a room in the back of the bar that could accomodate us better. Of course this also meant that we weren't immediately in the eyes of our adoring public. Of course, being the publicity/media whore that I am, it was a slight disappointment (yeah right).

One of the more interesting topics that came up was that we really didn't know what to talk about because we pretty much read each other's blogs on a regular basis so we can't ask what's new in each other's lives (although we did do that any way) because we pretty much know that anyway. So what did we talk about? Tattoos. Yep...that of course means that the woman with some of the most gorgeous tattoos that I have seen, Ms. Liz Maryland was in attendance with the rest of the NYC Bloggers group was there. So we all got talking about different things and refreshing each others memories as to whose blog was which (let's just say that once I said Olsen Twins, the entire reference to the (646) Guy was made clear...oddly enough a lot of people hate them as much as I do) but all in all we pretty much broke off into little groups based upon our tables and we frequently moved around and talked to others.

At one point I moved over to another table and got to meet Liz W. whose friend Lauren also hails from Jacksonville so I spent some time talking with Lauren about our remembrances of Jacksonville and so forth. Also at the table was Pitchaya Sudbanthad and his friend who for the life for me I cannot remember his name. But we got into a conversation about Jacksonville and how it has been called the armpit of Florida and not because it's in the armpit part of the state. Now I like parts of Jacksonville. However, I don't like the conservative Southern Baptist attitude and so forth. So I was jokingly calling Jacksonville a huge flea market, a huge trailer park, and on and on. Nothing against Jacksonville, but once you've spent at least a year in New York, you really don't want to go back to live in Jacksonville. When I was unemployed for three months and almost had to move back to Florida, I said that I would rather have slit my wrists and sat in a hottub than go back to Jacksonville.

One of the latecomers was Jim who I didn't get to spend much time talking to (which was pretty much a repeat of the last Blogger event as well). Another latecomer was Orchid who I have to say...I admire anyone who puts in a nose ring like the one she has. Total respect. And for the record, I am still trying to figure out how Allen won a free beer. By the end of the night I had a raging headache due to all of the camera flashes and I had to get home to start packing up the apartment (something I am horribly behind on) but I have friends coming over tomorrow to help so I should get back on track rather quickly. I'm leaving the kitchen for last because I am still not entirely sure what is coming and what is going from there.

Anyway, if you blog and you have yet to go to a blogger gathering I say go for it. You get to meet a lot of very interesting and intelligent people and have some incredibly interesting coversations. Best of all, you get to put a face to some of the people that you have been reading for so long. At the same time you are meeting some really fabulous people and get exposed to new ideas and new cultures. That's why I like reading things like Live from the WTC because you get to read about differing viewpoints and learn from their opinions. When people refer to bloggers as a community, it's a true statement. It was great to meet people that you talk to online or leave messages for on their blogs and vice versa and then it's like you're with family. You get hugs and slaps on the back on the way out the door and people somewhat sad that you can't stay longer but you make that promise to meet again and hopefully sooner than the last time.

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