Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Today is a debate about vacation time. It's an either/or scenario and I'm not really too happy about my options. In joining the new firm, I have been allotted one week of vacation and one personal day. The personal day I am using for my move to my new apartment. The vacation days...well that's something else altogether.

My options are really rather simple. I can opt to take that week of vacation sometime during the already crowded holiday vacation schedule or I can carry it over to next year but I would have to use that week of time during the first three months of the year. Now this gets really complicated because I wanted to take a trip to either Italy or Switzerland but later in the year. Now, I will have my two week allotment of vacation within the remainder of the year plus my personal days and I could BARELY manage to make it to my friend Joni's wedding in Canada and Christmas in Florida in 2003 if I play my cards right. However, the prospect of having three weeks of vacation next year is a bit daunting. 2004 I will have three weeks without having to carry anything over and a nice portion of that is going to be used to send me to Thailand. Or at least I hope it does.

So, I was looking at trips through Alyson Adenvtures to see what was available during that time and I came across a few options that I liked...

Saba looked nice but I don't swim very well in order to really enjoy this trip.

The trip to Costa Rica sounds absolutely delightful but that river rafting might give me a few worries.

If I can pull the money together mondo pronto (and that's a longshot given the move in a few days), then Cambodia is yet another idea that I might look into although that's in January.

Too bad I can't carry them all the way to May because then I could take an early trip to Italy then instead of in September.

You know I bitch and moan about stupid stuff like this, but to be honest, it's glad to finally be able to do that. After going over two years consulting and temping, to have a real job is finally something to enjoy.

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