Friday, June 08, 2007


Okay, I've resisted saying anthing about the Paris Hilton debacle but after reading the article on MSNBC where she screamed "It's not right" about having to go back to jail to serve out her sentence I have had enough of Miss Prissy Pants thinking her shit does not stink.


The law does not care how much money you have, how pretty you are, or who the fuck your parents are. You were caught once and got a slap on the wrist. You got caught a second time and expected the same treatment and were shocked that the judged didn't think you were "hot."

I'm a citizen, you're a citizen. If I get pulled over by the cops, I should get the same punishment as you with no consideration made for social class. The fact that they did bend over backwards to make special accomodations for you should say enough as it is so SUCK IT BITCH!

That's right, I said..




Besides, don't you have PLENTY of experience in that department?

There is nothing special about you other than the fact that you refuse to wear underwear and like to show everyone your freshly shaved vagina when you get out of a car. And trust us...not even that is very special...

Let's face it...your illness was all a sham because you were probably detoxing very hard from all of the drugs you and Lindsay Lohan do together. Am I right here? Probably...

So enjoy the rest of your stay. I wish the judge had extended it a little bit longer just for funsies but oh well, I don't get my wish and you sure as hell don't get yours.

So cry you little baby. I'm going to enjoy every day you are in jail. Every. Single. Day. And if you get out early or try to pull this medical stunt again, I'm going to hope they drag your ass back there time and time again. Maybe if you just shut your fucking trap, done the time like you said you were going to do and not been such a whiny bitch who thinks they deserve special treatment because of who they are and how much money they have, you wouldn't be getting raked over the coals by everyone. But you did the crime now do the fucking time.

Lame ass, whore.

Oh and while I'm at it, let's not forget about Mom's role in all of this. Oh, sorry, not Mom. The Enabler.

Yeah, Ms. Kathy seems to think that it's okay for her daughter to go driving drunk around the city. And then it's okay for her to drive around the city while her license is suspended. And then it's okay for her daughter to not be punished for breaking the law. And then it's okay for her to keep breaking that same law over and over because she apparently didn't hear it enough from the first 10,000 cops that told her that it was wrong for her to be driving on a suspended license. And then it's okay to get legal advice on whether or not Paris can drive not from her lawyer but from her publicist. Kathy, trust me on this one, you won't be winning any Mother of the Year contests in the near future. Not on your fucking life. Paris, maybe you need to realize that Mom doesn't know best on this one. Wow. It kinda makes you wonder how Nicky Hilton has wound up so fucking normal. Hey, I know! Why not just admit that Paris is kinda fucked up and you're part of the problem as well. Maybe you could do therapy together with Paris! What a great mother/daughter bonding experience!

Maybe start hanging out with Dad. He seems normal enough and you defintely don't see him in the papers showing camel toe. Yeah, he's not that flashy of a dresser and his hair could probably use the work but think of all of the things you could learn from him rather than mom. You can learn real estate transaction and true business stuff you can use when, sadly, you start running the company and not how to hide the OxyContin pills that your pharmacist gave you without a prescription.

Yeah, that's right Kathy. Throw your hands up in the air. I wouldn't know what to do with this kids either. Except put them in a nunnery.

Even then I don't think that would work.
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