Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Says No Appeal...I say Big Deal...

So Paris is now saying that she's going to do her jail sentence. Of course that's what she said before when she went in the first time and did about three minutes before she was sent out with a piece of jewelery she couldn't get a Tiffany. She and her parents were even planning a party to celebrate her "freedom" the day that she got hauled back to court and thrown back in the slammer.

Of course they are also saying that she's not eating and sleeping in her new digs while she's being examined which only makes me go back to my thesis that she's really detoxing from all of the drugs running through her system. Of course I have no idea whether or not she does drugs but let's just say it's either detoxing from drugs or not having her maid Consuela there to order around and beat with a Manolo. Ooooh. It could also be that the prison guards don't give a flying fuck about her, her money, or anything of the sort.

So how much longer will she last. We shall see. Either way, I find it all way too fascinating. So fascinating that I will continue to blog about her every day that she is in jail.

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Jess said...

She's repulsive. Of course, the ultimate punishment would be if the press would stop covering her. If she got the attention she deserves--nothing--she'd be absolutely miserable, no matter how much she and her ilk complain about coverage.