Monday, June 11, 2007

Contrite My Ass

I'm loving all of the analysts who are going over Paris Hilton's latest statements about not appealing the verdict against her and how we should be ashamed that we're so focused on her and not what's going on in Afghanistan.

Okay...those words did not come out of her mouth. I totally do not believe that those words came out of her mouth. That was her publicist (you know the one that she fired then rehired like 45 minutes later when she realized she couldn't speak for herself or form a full sentence) trying to stem the tide of hatred and disgust against her. It's not working. We see the smoke bomb, we're ignoring the smoke, and we're seeing the pathetic skank for what she is -- an incredibly self-centered, spoiled brat who is famous for absolutely nothing.

If that's how she really felt then she would nt have caused such a huge scene last week in court when she got her ticket yanked and was sent back to the slammer. Shall we try another tactic because I'm not buying it.
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