Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's An Act?

This was written yesterday but I hit save now rather than publish so I'm putting it out here one day later.

It's an act? She's trying to say that her acting like a common whore and moron is all an act? Come on. No one shows as much cameltoe as she has and still claim to be smart.

Then it's one damn good act. Give this woman an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony right now because this is the performance of a lifetime that we've been watching...for practically her entire lifetime. I remember she made a comment like this about a year ago how the entire thing was an act for her and she's really a lot smarter than she portrays herself.

Well, I guess no one told her that if she was REALLY that smart, she never would have told anyone that it was an act.

Yes, I'm referring to that very classic comment that Ms. Hilton made...or I should say her publicist made the comment for her. Why do I say it that way? Well, as the old commercial slogan went, "Seeing is believing, but tasting is truth." Not that I want to taste Paris in any way, shape, or form, but you know what I mean.

Here's what I'm expecting to happen next. Paris...or her mom...or her publicist...definitely anyone BUT her will go to the United Nations and pay for her to be some form of a goodwill ambassador, going across the globe to do some humanitarian work. That is until she realizes that she may have to come in contact with people who may not have bathed recently or are dying of hunger or with lesions or who knows what else. Then she'll just whine and bitch and moan about having to do this job and within two months (if that long) she'll be back sharing OxyContin pills with Lindsay Lohan.

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