Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ellen On Paris

And no not in that kinky way!

Following her Emmy win, Ellen DeGeneres had the following to say:

"If that really is an act, if she really was playing dumb, than what does that say about our society that we're celebrating someone who was successful because they're not smart?

"I just think it's a bad sign and she shouldn't contribute to that. It's just amazing if that was an act the whole time."

DeGeneres said she would be willing to have Hilton as a guest on her daytime talk show and tell her the same thing.

"Hopefully, she means what she says," DeGeneres said. "I hope she is reading good books and I hope she comes out and changes her life a little because she needed to."


Following this statement, Ellen DeGeneres has formally become a member of the Truth Screamers on Patrol.

If Paris does appear on her show, perhaps she'll give Ellen some fashion advice for her next red carpet show.
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