Monday, June 18, 2007

Kathy Hilton Denied Medical License

Oh Kathy Hilton...there are times when I'm glad you're rich and not a nurse.

You see...Kathy can't seem to tell the difference when someone is shivering because they are cold and someone has a broken arm. At the very least, if Paris had a broken arm she would be in such severe pain that they would have moved her back to the medical unit. So Kathy...just to help you get that medical license so you can tell the difference between such things I offer the following.

This person is cold. They are hugging themselves so they can use their own personal body heat to keep themselves at a temperature that doesn't chill them to the bone. She's rubbing her arms because she's trying to increase blood circulation that will, hopefully, also promote additional body heat as well and make her...well...not as cold.

This person has a broken arm. He's not cold. He's just in a lot of pain. This is what a broken arm may look like...well if you were trying to lift a lot of weight over your head and your arm just snapped like a toothpick but still you get the idea. This is a broken arm.

Just trying to help you out, ya!
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