Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back in "Real" Jail Now

So Paris is out of the medical jail and into a real cell now. I guess the anal abcesses drug withdrawals issues are up now...Well as real as it can get for her at least. I mean she's not sharing it with a 500 pound, bull dyke lesbian with a flat top, and a flannel shirt named Bertha who will whore her out to the general population for cigarettes but it's still jail. A simple life, if you will. (Bad pun, I know.)

So I figure she has maybe 12 days left in jail before she gets released. And then what happens? Who knows. If the rumors are to be believed, no one really wants her around or to piggy back onto them in order to pull herself back up. Maybe if she went to Sluts Anonymous or Skanky Whores Recovery or something like that it will help. Either way, I just hope that she realizes that she has to face SOME consequences in her life that money, fame, or looks (not that she is that pretty) can't get her out of...
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