Tuesday, December 23, 2003

So I have to at some point get out of work today and get back to my place, pack (screw wrapping gifts at this point, I'll put them in my trunk, sneak them in tonight and wrap them at the rents) pack up the cat and drive to the wonderful North for the holidays. I have already missed a few days of the Jewish Holiday, but at least I'll be with the little ones on the last night when all the big gifts are handed out. It is so much fun to watch how the excitement builds up over the nights for them.
I just got a call - The Navy's lab (with whom we work under the same grant) is out of a reagent (chemical) that they need for a very important experiment. So, I'll be driving from NW DC up to Rockville, MD and drop off the reagent on my way home. It is not really on my way home but at least in the same general area, and it does give me an excuse to leave here. I cannot leave this moment (which would be SO nice to do) as I am waiting for my bacterial cells to spin down so I can freeze them down in the -70C freezer (I do this in case I need to check my data at a later date or when I publish an article on my work and someone else wants a sample so they can try it for themselves, etc...).
But the catch here is: the bacteria know that I want them to do - but they do not want to do it.
Just another example of how my life is controlled by single celled organisms...

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