Monday, December 01, 2003

More Monday Meltdown

  • I saw the movie Love Actually on Thanksgiving Day. Cute film. Very innocuous. Great stories all around. My biggest praises: Laura Linney (because she can do no wrong in my eyes) and the fact that even though Martine McCutcheon is constantly referred to as "the plump girl" or "the chubby girl" throughout the movie by friends, family, and coworkers, she gets the guy in the end because he still finds her desirable. Personally, I didn't think that she was big but still it was nice to know that they could write a character that gets a guy in the end no matter what her size is (and even if he is The Prime Minister). Also, the final scene with Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz was a tear jerker...yep I cried. Complaints: They didn't finish the story line of Laura Linney's character. She was in bed with the guy of her dreams and of course had to run off to deal with crazy brother and it just never took off again after that scene. It's like the romance fizzled and nothing could be done to bring these two back together. The story just ended with no real resolution. It killed me.

  • I'm running for the office of president on my rugby team. It was a combination of a few teammates urging me to run for the position with some telling me they had nominated me already. Whatever the truth is, I'm sure it's somewhere in the middle. But I'm running for the post against two other gents, both of whom would make great presidents. I know the time commitment involved is enormous but given some of the events that I've pulled off, I'm more than willing to take the plunge. To take this nomination, I pulled myself out of the running for vice president of the team (and no competition in that category). Since I was also running for an at-large seat (since club officers aren't automatically boad members per our club by-laws), I thought it would make me look too much like a power-hungry whore to run for president, VP, and board member.

  • Average Joe pics for getting dumped tonight...Zach and Mike. I think it's an Adam/what's his name that other himbo final 2 here.

  • Since when did CBS' "Ice Wars" become North America vs. the World. I don't want those freakin' Canadians skating with us. I mean really now. I remember it was USA vs the World for so many years and now they have to let the Canadians skate on our team. I mean where was Kristi Yamaguchi and Nancy Kerrigan for this event. hell, even get Tonya Harding out there and none of them would take the ice because they would be afraid of being knee capped.

  • 22.28 miles on the bike in an hour this morning -- a new personal best. And that was without taking Xenadrine too. I shudder to think what it could have been. Anyway, it comes out to like a mile ever two minutes and forty seconds so I can't complain.

  • Psycho bitch is out of the office again today which means I get to do her work. I'm sure she's going to be thrilled to know that no one did her work on Friday. I was covering someone else's desk that day and they know that I only cover one desk at a time. I am not taking the blame for her work not getting done.

  • "This is great. I'm down on the docks at 1:30 in the morning. I might as well pin a hundred dollar bill to my butt and scream 'Victim here! Victim here!'". Sigh. I know the movie is total shite but there's something about Jumpin' Jack Flash that makes me lagh.

  • I went to this show called What's Your Karma? where the woman basically holds these numbered index cards that we were told to hold to our sternum's and think about the questions we want to have answered. We were told that we should take notes since the woman would be talking very fast (which she did). The woman in front of me said that she didn't need to take notes since she was a much more audial learner. Of course, that theory was blown to bits when she asked, "Okay, but what's dharma?" five seconds after our hostess had just described what it meant. Apparently, I have had the same oppressive family for many lifetimes and in this one I am to be the one that teaches them. Also, what was most interesting is that, apparently, she had a vision of my grandfather come through and tell me that I can always rely on him for guidance which was kinda odd since I never thought of any family member that's passed away it would be him offering me guidance. Overall, interesting show. Very small audience, but interesting. My friend learned she was an extortionist in Peru in a former life.

  • Chicken & Rice or Pesto Minestrone soup for lunch today? I can't decide.

  • The hot cafeteria guy is back after two weeks of vacation. It took a lot of self control not to sink to my knees and open my mouth when I saw him. And he looks even hotter than before which is a real pain in the ass. :)

  • Kumquats. Just because.

  • Have you ever felt up a woman who was asleep?

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