Thursday, July 13, 2006

One of "those" couples

One of my friends is in the process of extricating himself out of a relationship that's, I would guesstimate, three to four years old. It's an emotional break-up and he's actually going to his ex's therapy sessions so he can come to terms with the break up.

However, the most interesting tidbit got passed onto me. The ex actually thought that my friend and I were having an affair because we're rather close. I think of this guy as the big brother I never had and he's just a heck of a guy. Couldn't ask for anyone better than him and so glad that he's on my side.

I've been in a few of those situations where I've been the "friend you just don't see in THAT way" and while I once entertained thoughts of somethign with him years ago, I'm glad that what we've developed is even more special because he and I have been through a lot together as friends and we're always there ot help each other out, lift each other's spirits, and make each other laugh when the moment calls for it. It's like we're in a relationship without the relationship.

Can I see myself with him as a couple. Absolutely not. It woudl be like incest. But it is kinda funny that his ex actually thought of us as a couple. And maybe we are but in our own way.

I mean who else am I going to talk to about Pyrex butt plugs and dildos? Not my mother.

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