Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cuddling -- Part the Third

So...I said I wouldn't talk about my last cuddle experience unless I had permission from the guy. Well he said I could definitely go ahead and talk about it (with a few limitations of course) so I hope you like it.

It started out with sex. Some very incredibly, very intense sex. I was topping (stop snickering people...I do both positions and I like it very much...variety is the spice of life) and he and I were very much in tune with each other. VERY incredible sexual chemistry between us. Something I hadn't experienced in a long time.

Finally at the very end knowing that time was short for both of us, I pulled out and pulled off the condom. I pretty much collapsed on top of him and he just wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close. I returned the embrace and whenever I tried to move my head to kiss him on the check or nuzzle him, he just held me down and in place and kept saying, "Shhhh.....shhhhhh...." while stroking my head. There's no other word for what happened other than we just melded together on the bed. You know that safe, protected feeling that I talked about getting during cuddling? It was there and was a position that we could have held for a lot longer.

We changed position a few times with me laying on my stomach and him laying on top of me. I don't think we said very much except to suggest other positions to lay in for a while before we moved into the shower where we did some "vertical cuddling" with me standing behind him, hugging him from behind. It ultimately led to an awkward moment when we got too comfortable with each other. I say "too comfortable" because it was, in my opinion at least, the feeling that we just "fit" with each other and felt like we had been a couple for years.

It just felt natural between us. We clicked internally and what was supposed to be just sex between two guys became a very intimate moment. It wasn't something that we planned on happening but was just instictive and changed the entire mood of the experience. It's something he and I have been talking about since then as it caught
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