Friday, July 07, 2006

cuddling...take two

I got an email late tonight about my last cuddle post that asked me about the last time I cuddled. Out of fairness to that person, since he does read this blog, I'm not going to post about it (mainly because I would ask for his permission first).

However, I will talk about another cuddling instance so you can get an idea of why I like it.

It was a long cuddle period. Like five or six hours curled up on his couch (which turns into a futon bed for his occasional roommate -- odd situation worthy of it's own blog entry but we won't go there). We stripped down to t-shirts and boxers and kind climbed into each others arms. He's taller than I am so we don't fit exactly but we fit well enough.

He's also a great kisser. It was one of those situations where we cuddled and had occasional moments of making out and body exploration. I know on him that his nipples are very sensitive so it was like I knew that if I wanted to turn it up a bit, that's all I had to do. It was nice because we would swap positions where i would hold him, he would hold me, we'd hold each other. We'd be curled up together on our sides while spooning, him next to me with my arm around him, and more.

You could call it foreplay if you want. I won't deny that term either. But there was something about holding him close to me that was the best. We didn't have sex (although we did come close) and I'm kinda glad we didn't. It was nice to spend an evening being sweet and tender with someone else that didn't devolve into sex. The time we spent together was soft and tender and respectful of each other. While I'm not saying that sex can't be the same way, there's a delicate transition that has to take place . There's a bit of romance that comes with cuddling because you have to be respectful of that person, their space, their comfort level and more and find out what works best for you.

Maybe it's you laying on the couch with your head up against or on their stomach while they hav their arm draped down your torso and every now and then rubbing your stomach.

Maybe it's early in the morning and their doing their morning ritual and you just slide your arms around their waist and rest your head against the nape of their neck.

Or maybe it's the full contact spooning cuddle where you're right against each other, maybe holding hands and matching your breathing patterns to each other so you're perfectly in synch with each other.

Ah...I could go on for a while about cuddling....but you get the idea.
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