Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cuddling defined

So a couple of posts ago, I talked about cuddling and someone asked me what that entailed for me.

Cuddling is not sex.

There I said.

Cuddling, however, is more than sharing space together. I find it to be, at times, one of the most intimate of acts you can ever do with someone.

I also like that it can take various forms. There's spooning in bed next to each other, your arm draped over them bringing them closer. There's laying on the couch or bed together with them sitting beside you nuzzled into your chest or even with them sitting between your legs leaning up against you. There's even cuddling that can take place standing up with one person behind the other and made even more intimae when you do it in front of a full length mirror and you're watching each other in the reflection.

It is intimate. It's even more so when you're very in tune and connected with each other. There are times I enjoy cuddling more than sex itself.

Some day I'll find the right guy to do that with. Until then...I'm just a cuddle whore.

Well I would be if I actually had someone to cuddle with....
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