Monday, March 22, 2004

I was way too naughty at the Gay Business Expo this weekend.

Okay maybe not way too naughty but a little too much mango rum and Irish Lemonade will do it to ya and make just a wee bit naughty.

I ran into a friend of mine at the Expo that I've really always had a crush on but I know that he's in a relationship so I don't pursue it and just let it be just a crush...and just on the physical level...none of that deep down, let me get to know you kinda crushes where I've picked out a china pattern and the interior design plan of the bedroom as well.

Anyway, so we're talking and it's clear that he's a little buzzed from the free Bud Light beer and I'm buzzed off all of the liquor and champagne coursing through my system....and we started making out right in front of the gay rodeo booth.

With tongue.

And some groping...

I disgust myself sometimes.


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