Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Travel Plans

Okay...I'm debating what to do for my big trip this's either a multi-sport trip in Costa Rica, multi-sport in Wyoming, or hiking in Switzerland. There are pros and cons to both...

Costa Rica


I can go over New Year's and celebrate New Year's in another country
It's multisport so it's not all one trip
A lot of meals are paid for already.
I can combine it with a trip to see my family for Christmas.
Will have plenty of time to save $$$ to buy souvenirs.
It will be warm!


It's the most expensive trip.
Airfare will be about $400 more than the other two options.
Ends on a Friday which means I would have to pay for at least one or two more nights of a hotel to really get my money's worth.
Have to wait the entire year for a big trip and not take a lot of time off for 12 months!



Good time of year to travel there.
An area of the country I have never been to and may never get a chance to go to again.
A huge variety of things to do from hiking to horseback riding and more.
Airfare is the least expensive of the three.

Extra expense of a taxi to the hotel (about $50) if I can't get a ride from one of my fellow travellers.
It's in the US and I haven't done much traveling outside of the country.



I love hiking.
Least expensive of the three options.
Includes July 4th holiday so one less day of vacation to take off.


Not that many meals included.
It's pretty much all hiking and no variety.
Extra cost of at least one hotel night.
Extra cost of train tickets to Zermatt.
Least amount of time to save $$$ for the trip for spending money.

I'm sure there are other things I'm missing and right now I've ranked them but take a look at the trips, the schedules, etc., and tell me what you would do....
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