Monday, January 29, 2007

Things That Make You Say...WHAT???

As some of you know, I do a pretty weird impersonation of Carol Channing. In fact, some would call it rather "blue" humor. For example, "Carol" will never refer to her genitalia as a vagina. She prefers calling it a "cooter." Well after one such impersonation at the office, we somehow got on a string of replacing words in the title of various TV shows with the word "cooter." Let's just say one of the made us laugh until we cried...and here's just a few.....

1) America's Next Top Cooter
2) Cooter, She Wrote
3) All in the Cooter
4) The Cooter Girls
5) Designing Cooters
6) The Young and the Cooterless
7) Have Cooter, Will Travel
8) Laverne and Cooter
9) Grey's Cooter
10) Desperate Cooters
11) Extreme Makeover: Cooter Edition
12) Queer Eye for the Cooter Guy
13) The Amazing Cooter
14) Bosom Cooters
15) Ally McCooter
16) Married with Cooters
17) Six Cooters Under
18) The Cooter is Right
19) Cooter Runway
20) Star Trek: Deep Space Cooter
21) Cooter Knows Best
22) Leave It To Cooter

And the one that made us laugh until we cried...

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