Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Bloody Good Time

So I happened to catch this show tonight and well....when they do their welcome message and every third word that they mention is blood, it doesn't come close to setting you up for what you're about to see. I mean, I knew it was a horror film but I had no clue what a cult following it had until people starting chanting lines back to the actors. My only regret...I wasn't in the splatter zone...there were people who changed in the bathroom into "I (heart) NY" t-shirts and came out soaked. One guy had fake blood all over his face and looked like a cast reject.

All the Men in My Life (keep getting killed by Candarian Demons)

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And then, there's her. Let's just say there are times in the theater world when one of the supporting cast members takes a role, folds it up into a neat square, puts it in their pocket, and walks away with the entire show. Considering that you don't see her from the waist down for about two thirds of the show, it's an amazing tour de force performance. Let's just say whenever she would pop out and deliver one of her puns (especially all of the "hand" related ones) you would groan with pleasure. She's no stupid bitch that's for sure!

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