Friday, August 04, 2006

TGIF -- And Then Some

I've never had a week like this before.

I'm probably going to take a couple of Tylenol PM and just sink into bed when I get home and see if things are different when I wake up in the morning.

First there was the heat which affected me at work since we're on the top floor of the building and I left work stickier than I would like and couldn't focus. I couldn't make calls or talk to clients because I could barely focus on what was on my computer screen. Somehow I wound up making sales this week. I have no oiea how though.

Today I was told that I'm not going to Los Angeles as I was told earlier in the week to work on our show. I can't really say I'm pissed or upset about it. Disappointed would be the more apt word. I really wanted to go and it gave me something to look forward to. But it's not meant to be and I'm dealing with that setback. It's not because I'm not doing my job right or we'll enough but because I'll be more needed at the office than in L.A.

I'm allowing myself one day to cocoon myself in my apartment and totally veg out. Sunday, a new week begins and I plan to start a lot of things over. You might call it a rebirth but I'd like to think of it as wiping the slate clean and getting a second chance.

One friend assured me that I will get through all of this.

I really have no choice, do I?

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