Tuesday, August 01, 2006

paranoia my ass

Okay, Mr. Don't Go Postal,

Since you seem to think that you know me and my life better than anyone else having jus t "stumbled" across my blog, let me put things in perspective for you.

It's not paranoia when one of the few people that you can trust in the world forwards you an email string they got included on where your so called friends are openly discussing and questioning your HIV status because one of your so called friends emailed all of them to tell them that I had serocoverted after taking part in a all-night bareback gangbang in my hotel room during the rugby tournament I planned earlier this year. That I left the closing night party not because I was exhausted and drained but because I wanted load after load of anonymous cum up my ass.

I saw the email chain. I read every disgusting detail of it. It went beyond my sex life in to my job and career and beyond as my so called friend pretty much raked me over the coals behind my back and explained a lot of their reactions and how they have acted around me in the past month. I've talked to everyone involved in that thread that discussed it and they all admitted that yes, this was the conversation that took place. When asked why they didn't come to me, they said that they thought it was something that I didn't want to talk about and were more upset that I didn't come to them. A few of them I have made up with and a few of them...well...we're still not on speaking terms.

I talked to the person who instigated the conversation and he couldn't give me a single plausible reason as to why he would send out such an email. To top it all off, he's not really sorry about it and doesn't think he did anything wrong. In fact, he admitted that by starting the conversation with my "friends" that I would be more open in talking about my status. Oh that's right. He still thinks I'm HIV positive (which by the way I am not as my recent tests showed).

So that, Mr. Don't Go Postal, is the story. Not that it was any of your business but since I felt that I had to set the record straight so be it.

This is also my blog. It's my space and I can say whatever the hell I want here. If you don't like or think that I have mental issues then fine. You can't hurt me. You will only make an ass out of yourself. The fact that you choose to hide behind a pseudonym and an anonymous IP address says more about you that it ever will about me.
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