Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Karmic Backlash in 3....2....1....

Far be it from me to laugh at someone's misfortune....


In one certain case it does kinda crack me up.

Hoo boy...did you guys fuck up...bad market research...bad promotional plan...maybe if you guys didn't try to play both ends against the middle, make a whole bunch of promises, and try to pull the wool over my eyes then maybe I would feel a little sorry for you.

But no. I found out about all of your lies. I asked the right questions to the right people and got the truth about what you tried to do.

To be honest, I'm not sure if my actions that night put a kink in your plans but if they did then I'm kinda glad that what I considered to be a gesture of gratitude and appreciation foiled your plans. Then again, if you had gone through with it you would have missed your target goal by even more because people would have left in droves and you would have been the laughingstock of the city. There would have been NO WAY that you could have placed the blame on me.

Your first mistake -- You didn't hire me when you had the chance. I would have kept you from the other mistakes.

Your second mistake -- You didn't do enough market research? Sunday? Not a holiday weekend? Two other established events that same day? Bad move. I have to work on Monday. I'm not going to be out until all hours Sunday night.

Your third mistake -- You didn't promote it enough...or for lack of a better phrase -- at all. Only one person I talked to knew about your event and even they didn't go. "Fiasco" was the phrase that I heard most associated with it.

Your fourth mistake -- You didn't treat your event manager with respect. You want the work done and done right then don't treat your "employees" like shit. Especially if you want to build some loyalty.

Your fifth mistake -- You didn't listen to those who know better. The game is different here and you can't change them to suit how you do business elsewhere. You should listen to the experts here because they won't steer you wrong.

But hey....what do I know...just that you messed up big time and your chances of success are slowly going down the drain...
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