Friday, August 08, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 6

I am on the cusp of a week with no soda.  I haven't noticed much of a lift or change even when it comes to my sleep.  Not that won't change in the future but for right now, I am thrilled to know that I am definitely going to make it through the week.  It's just that next week scares me.

I tried this one before when I went cold turkey during Lent.  I made it about 10 days before I finally succumbed and found myself not only pressing the button on the Pepsi machine at work but drinking FOUR of them in less than an hour.  Given that I have some drink mixes at my desk, my water intake is high and I don't feel the need to drink soda - NOT THAT I HAVEN'T BEEN TEMPTED!!!  If I can make it through next week, then the rest of it will be smooth sailing.

Also, as some may know, I also have Adult Onset Diabetes (aka Diabetes II). Last year my blood sugar number skyrocketed to 390+ (normal is around 110 or lower).  When I went to my doctor back at the start of July my numbers were somewhat better - 294.  I've been on meds full time for the past two weeks and today when I did my blood sugar check, I was at 146.  I'm getting there.  I'm getting into being a better, healthier me.

I am going to try a new thing tonight, though.  The anti-depressant my doctor put me on has really impacted my sleeping as I am now waking up around 2am and really not able to make it back to sleep no matter what I do.

I feel like on the verge of moving into a great new stage in my life.  It's weird.  I'm battling depression, grief from my father's passing, getting my health back on track, and still finding my footing a year after leaving NYC.  But for some reason I know that I'm moving forward and to a better, healthier (mentally and physically) place...

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