Sunday, August 03, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

So... another day in the books.  Granted it's the weekend and the temptations of soda are not around me. I ordered a pizza from Dominos and was able to successfully navigate myself away from any soda purchase.  The real struggle starts tomorrow.

The thing is the place where I work has refrigerators stocked with soda on each floor.  Even to get to the water, you have to stand right next to the machine that will pop out a soda for free at the touch of a button.  I have prepared myself with enough drink singles (Jolly Rancher green apple drink mix is AWESOME) to make it to the next paycheck and another trip to the grocery store.

So Day 2 is practically in the books.  I attempted this earlier in the year for Lent and failed horribly.  I think after about 10 days I had to give in and push the button for a Diet Pepsi.  This time I have a big incentive to stay on it because I am going to Florida over Labor Day and I know from past experience that not drinking soda will help me drop a quick 7-10 pounds.  No, I'm not a ripped muscle God, but I am gonna be seeing some friends and I want to look good.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

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