Friday, August 01, 2014

30 Day Challenge (and more)

Okay so I haven't written in a while as promised.  I am doing my best to keep out of a depressive funk.  Part of that is trying to stay on all of the meds I have been prescribed since returning to a doctor for the first time in five years.  A lot of changes will be made in terms of diet and exercise but it will be all for the best.

In terms of the depressive funk, it is clear I need to get out and be amongst people more.  I have been hermiting myself way too much and need to be amongst friends and smiling faces.

I will admit I got a little rattled today when I learned that a dear family friend was admitted to the hospital after also suffering a severe head injury like my father had and that tomorrow they will be removing the ventilator.  The difference with him is that there is some brain activity whereas my father was clinically brain dead.  I know what this family is going through and it's tough as well since this man was very much there for my mother and family when we went through this in Daytona.  So... if you pray, a few kind words with the man upstairs would be nice.

So... The Today Show issued their 30 Day Challenge today.  Since August has 31 days, I am considering this day to be the "Enjoy it while you can because tomorrow it begins" day... for 30 days I am going off soda and candy and will be exercising more.  I will be blogging about it here... mainly to keep me honest but to also lend support to those also going through the 30 Day Challenge.  I have Diabetes 2 and need to take better care of myself.  My doctor has put me on some great meds this week and it's the perfect time to kick start this new part of my life.

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