Saturday, December 02, 2006

Workout Regime

Okay...I hate setting goals like this but I am going this time especially after seeing how much weight I gained in the 2 months prior to the working the show and Thanksgiving. Knowing where I want to be and where I should be, I want to drop 35 pounds.

To get there it will take a careful watch on my diet and a hard commitment to working out at least four days a week (a fifth if you throw in a day of just cardio). I hired the trainer and have 20 sessions with him lined up which will give me a great groundwork and I know that he will be pushing me good, long, and hard and won't let me slack off.

Throw in some aerobics classes a few times a week as well as some morning cardio and I should be on track. There's a Cardio Boxing class twice a week that they have at the gym so I may look into that.

As for the diet, I know what I have to do...I just have to do it. The hardest thing will be giving up Diet Coke but since I like seltzer water as well, I can drink that instead (not to mention regular water).

Overall, not looking tobe a ripped gym bunny. Just want to get back into better shape. Three years ago I was at that weight and wasn't able to maintain. If I'm planning on Wyoming or Switzerland (or maybe Costa Rica) next year then I want to make sure that I can do everything asked of me.
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