Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Goodbye 16th Street/8th Avenue NYSC

Dear 16th Street/8th Avenue NYSC,

It's been nice. No really it has. You're a pretty cool gym and definitely not as cruisy as the wretched David Barton Gym I tried for a week before I decided that pretension and attitude didn't make for a good workout environment.

Not to say that you didn't have your drawbacks as well. Like all of the guys lined up against the wall waiting to go into the steamroom. That was a bit creepy even for me. They clearly weren't waiting for a shower since there were always two or three open and it just made me wonder what (or who) was going on in there.

Oh and what about the guys with jumbo sized cocks that would towel off their backs in a manner that they would...oh how do I put this...sway in the breeze. At first it was a little hypnotizing...then it just got gross.

Oh and what about the little twink guy with the funky sideburns that would wear those cute matching outfits. Yeah, I kinda miss seeing him in the white tanktops with red piping and the red shorts with the white piping. The next day it could be a yellow tanktop with black piping and alternating shorts. Yeah. I kinda miss him and his fashion sense.

Oh and what about the supremely bitchy women who like to take up two elliptical machines -- one for themselves and one for their friend who was downstairs changing clothes. Yeah, I loved having terse conversations with them about how if their friend wasn't there they couldn't save the machine for them and then proceed to do an hour of cardio on there just to piss them off.

Oh and what about the guy in the step aerobics class who just couldn't go over the step like everyone else but had to throw in a high kick as well? Yeah he was fun to watch. He just couldn't do the same routine as everyone else. Just had to be a little different.

Oh and what about the...hey, we could do this forever 16th Street/8th Avenue NYSC. Yeah, those were the good old days. They were good. They were old. They were days.

But, for now at least, I'm moving on to another locale. Not even NYSC. These memories, though, I'll cherish for a lifetime.

Or at least until the shock therapy erases them for me.


Brian, the 646guy
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