Monday, December 18, 2006


This weekend I worked at the Gay Erotic Expo at the Puck Building. During the second day of the show, the stage was rushed by people who, for some insane reason, just HAD to have the free porn being distributed. It was more than a little scary the first time and even scarier the second time.

For the final show of the day, I stood as the "bouncer" at the front of the stage. This was the notorious "no holds barred" show that had more than enough cock being exposed as well as a few "action sequences." Well, while the guys were going at it on stage (with one of them getting his rather sizable penis serviced) I was more focused on making sure that the crowd wasn't getting to unruly (which was kinda hard to do) and that no one surged onto the stage.

Mind you, I'm less than a foot away from someone doing a pretty damn good blow job and I'm not even paying attention to it.

This earned me the title of "Uber-Straight Security Guy" -- the guy who's giving you the menacing look, arms folded over their chest, and not really caring about the people having sex on stage. Even better was the photographer we hired for the show who told me last night that he got the exact same impression that everyone else did.

So if this gig doesn't work out, I can always go into security.

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