Monday, September 18, 2006

Wondrous, Magical Powers

I had my first mani-pedi today.

I have male friends that get these done on a regular basis but I have never taken the plunge to let someone go at my hands and feet. I really don't like people touching my feet that much since I am incredibly ticklish but I do like a good foot massage so I just kinda have to grin and bear it.

My salon of choice is right around the corner from my office and I decided to give them a try rather than to head up a few more blocks to the place that was recommended by one of my friends. Time was of the essence as this was going to be done on my lunch hour and if it ran long I didn't want to have far to walk. The spa pedicure was the option of choice (and recommended by my friends) as sure enough it was heaven.

As I'm diabetic, taking care of my feet to make sure that they have proper circulation and are well maintained is a pretty big deal. My doctor has recommended them before but since insurance won't cover them I figured what's the point? Well, after soaking my feet in the milk bath and then having Lily go to town on my toe nails to get them properly shaped and trimmed, I was already in heaven. I wasn't prepared for the scrubbing or the exfoliation or the little razor that shaves off all of the dead skin from your heels and so forth. The massage I was totally prepared for though and when Lily saw how I responded to having my Achilles tendon massaged on the second foot, she went back to the first and repeated it over there even though the timer had already expired.

The manicure wasn't as overwhelming as the pedicure and I recommend every man go get one. I feel like a god right now it was that amazing of an experience and I feel re-energized in a very weird way. I can't wait to see how this impacts my workout too.
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