Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ouch...That Hurts

Well, I think I am finally seeing some results from working out. I'm also incredibly sore. I've changed up my workout routine some (okay swapped two days around) and think that it's paying off for me now. My cardio is picking up for sure and I made it through a round of cardio interval training on Thursday that left me drained -- but in that good way. Eventually I'll get back to my morning cardio/evening weights routine again but for now I'm setting down the baseline so I can build from here. I can see things are starting to firm up and that my cardio endurance is picking up.

On the downside, I'm REALLY sore which is why I adjusted a few things in the workout schedule. I did squats on Friday and I'm still sore today. Thankfully I vary up my leg stuff on my two leg days so I only have to do squats once a week which is a good thing. I know I'm never going to have the super buff bod of the majority of the guys who go to my gym and I'm really not pushing for that. I'd like to drop some extra weight, tone up a bit more, and gain some extra strength. I get the results my last MRI this week (was supposed to be last week) to check on how my knees are doing. My doc is pushing for me to quit rugby as my family has a history of knee problems and I'm starting to experience some of the same early warning signs of my sister and father both of whom have had knee surgery -- my dad on both knees twice. Basically I was warned that if I want to be walking under my own power by the time I'm 40, I need to find a sport that's not so high impact. And I like walking. It has a lot of useful purposes.

So...MRI results this week. Should be fun. For now, I'm taking a Celebrex and watching the U.S. Open.
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