Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And It's Official....

This morning, I got the final results from an MRI I had on my knees.

My rugby career is officially over. The constant playing, practice, training, etc., has to come to an end if I want to be able to walk under my own power by the time I am 40. The occasional match here and there a couple of times a year is okay but being tackled week after week coupled with lineouts and scrums is not.

Bad knees run in my family to begin with as my father has had orthoscopic surgery on both knees twice and my sister had it when she ran cross country in high school and then reinjured it sliding into second in softball. My doctor has said that I am likely to need my own round of orthoscopic surgery at some point in my life as my cartilege in my knee ain't the best either.

Sports are not totally out of the question though which is a good thing. Lower impact sports like swimming, volleyball (no diving for the ball!), or ping pong (my friend Shelly's recommendation). One friend recommended crew for me as it will help with my upper body work with not as much impact on my knees. Another friend said I should try out for the flag football league next year.

For now while I consider my options, I'm just going to continue my workout routine (which is already showing results), build up some more strength, and re-examine my options for 2007.
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