Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Got a Minute to Spare?

A friend asked me what I've been doing with all of my free time since the rugby tournament is over and I am no longer burning the proverbial midnight oil doing budgets, spreadsheets, reviewing contracts, trying to find new sponsors, etc.

Well...there's the new job. Rather than working until 5pm with the bank, I'm now out the door at 6, if not a little later some nights. Usually I would head home and pick up where I left off either at the office or the night before for the tournament. Budgeting, revising the budget, and re-revising the budget was an all-consuming process and I was consumed with making sure that we were never even close to going into the red (and I definitely succeeded there).

Then there's the workouts. I'm back at the gym and going strong. An hour of cardio five days a week, weights for four days. It's a hard commitment but it's refocusing my attention back on myself which was sorely lacking for quite some time. It's not even just the focus on the physical conditioning but the emotional side of things as well.

Part of it is the job which is a much better place mentally and emotionally. Part of is just being able to turn off my life at around 630 each night and spend an hour doing hard cardio and then push it into weights until I head out around 815-830. Part of it is because I definitely feel like I have more confidence than before. My favorite cashier at the D'Agostino's near the office told me last week that I had a "Don't sing it, just bring it" attitude.

Maybe 2007 will end on a high note after all.
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