Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You're not Gracie....

So I ran into this guy (love him, he's adorable, cute as pie, smart as hell, the author of a fabulous book of haiku, and his boyfriend is damn lucky to have him) on the subway last night. Now, I knew it was him. Was positive it was him. Granted, he had his head down and was doing some writing while on the subway so I couldn'st see his full face but I was sure that it was him. However, I had that nagging feeling that if I said, "Faustus?" out loud and it wasn't him that I would really feel like an ass.

It's happened before. Very publicly. And very embarassing.

I swore this woman was my friend Cheryl (aka Gracie). So sure was I that this was Gracie that I ran up behind her at the mall in Florida, hugged her from behind, and screamed, "GRACIE!!!!"

It wasn't Gracie. The woman, up close, bore no resemblance to her. I'm not sure what the people at Smoothie King had slipped my Power Punch Plus smoothie but my vision had to have been seriously affected to think that this woman was my friend Cheryl. I then began to apologize profusely to her and thankfully she had a good sense of humor and didn't beat me senseless with her purse.

I booked an appointment with the eye doctor the next day.

Thankfully for me on this occasion it was indeed the adorable Faustus who looked up from his writing and cast a glance in my direction. And then another just to make sure it was me and then smiled. Whew...okay. It was him. I wouldn't have made an ass out of myself. But after Grace-Gate, I'm not taking any chances.

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