Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Because he doesn't....

I haven't said anything political in a while...Taken from the delightful Wonkette...this is taken from a live chat with Newsweek's Baghdad Bureau Chief...

Hellowell, ME: why does Bush care so much about what happens in Iraq when there are so many poor, sick, poverty-stricken people in the U.S.?

Rod Nordland: Who said he cares?


And then there was this comedienne on Comedy Central this weekend who riffed on Tom Ridge and the Department of Homeland Security and their declaration that we're all deputies on the war on terror. They advised to be wary of pregnant women as they may be terrorist.

Her suggestion: Whenever you see a pregnant woman, just go up and hit her in the stomach.

That and her riff on how there are job listings for the homeless on the Department of Labor website had me cracking up...

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