Friday, February 11, 2005

IQ = 138

There are days I feel like a fucking if I've just come up with the most brilliant ideas in the world. I like taking those online IQ tests because I like feeling smart on occasion (and yes, according to the last test I took, my IQ is indeed 138).

It could be an idea for one of my writing projects of something I'm working on for the team but there are ideas that just pop into my head and I feel like the smartest person on the face of the planet.

That is of course until I actually have to execute the idea, realize how intensive it actually is, and then I want to slit my wrists (I leave seppuku to the masters...) when I feel I've gotten in over my head.

Let's see what happens after I mail off 270 letters and send out about 400 emails. I may slit my wrists not because the task itself was a little larger than I expected, but because I'm innundated with how successful it was.

This could get scary.
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